1. "i’ll fight you in real life" is the harshest shit you can say to a mandem.

  2. a review of what i smoked

    i’ve been smoking what the man called ‘lemon haze’ recently. mostly smoking, listening to music and chilling by my open window. just relaxing back on my bed, head propped on two pillows right by the windowsill. it’s nice, i like it.


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    *blows kiss down to the ground (for the skeletons)*


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    it is inevitable that fantasy races and worlds will one day invent smooth, comfortable, hard working wrangler fit denim jeans


    dragons, dwarves, orcs, elves, humans, ghosts, and blood gods alike can’t resist the comfortable, casual look and fit of this deep blue denim

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    Killer Queen - Queen (Isolated Vocals)

    fuck. fuck.



    That’s amazing

    Freddie, you beautiful angel.

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B. Y. E


    B. Y. E

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    sometimes people compare me to the bearded dude from the hangover. i think it’s because i frequently have a beard and talk kinda weird. i dunno

    okay, so here’s the deal;
    my name is jack, i’m 25 and i live with my mother. i don’t have a job but i do have depression, minor sexual dysfunction, at least one learning disability, a pornography addiction, some substance abuse issues and a dream.

    this is me trying to work my shit out.

    i lost my job at the start of 2013. a few months before that my girlfriend dumped me. my at one time fiancee but not when she dumped me girlfriend. it was a rough time.

    march 2013: i met a girl online. she’s an artist of some note, and we spent a year basically falling in love without having met because she lived in america. we worked on some comics, i saved up to meet her on the first anniversary of us becoming an item.
    it didn’t work out. i fucked everything up, broke her heart, and now i’m single and sometimes i see her online and i get real sad and go to sleep.

    i’ve never been good at dealing with things like that.

    so here i am. after months (no, years) of self-inflicted hermitdom, i’m finally trying to build a social life. last week i hung out with two different groups of friends on two different occasions. i’m doing it again tonight. next month i’m visiting one of my best friends for a few days.

    maybe i’ll even try to get a job and not just do the bare minimumi need to get free government money. maybe.

    mostly i’m just trying to climb out of my hole. i recently re-read all of scott pilgrim and certain parts of it rang true. this was upsetting to me. i do not want to be scott pilgrim. i also do not want to ever compare myself to a fictional character again, so i won’t.

    if you’ve been following this blog for any period of time you’ll have noticed that i don’t really do personal stuff, and if you’ve been following for a while you’ll have realised (maybe) that i’ve changed in the four years since i started with it. the original url was ‘tittystitches’ after a weird image i saw. now it’s milkswords and i think that all the changes in what and how i post have been for the better. i think i’m a better person now.

    but i’m not better enough. i need to get betterer. more better.
    i think i can do this. i don’t know, but i think.

    i hope. and hope isn’t something i’m really good at, so y’know, maybe this is my first step.

    thanks to everyone who’s stuck around. but also fuck you for never reblogging my stories when i used to post them. my highest note count is on a picture of some random goth girl’s tits. thanks. jerks.
    my plan is to start writing stuff to post here at least twice a week. long stuff. i’ll hide it under cuts so you don’t have to have it clogging up your dash, like this is, and it’d be nice if you maybe liked it or said something about it. you’re not obligated, it’d just be nice.

    i’m going to have a shower now. thank you.